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A First-Time Traveller’s Guide To The Swiss Capital Of Bern

Bern, which has a population of about 133,000, is Switzerland’s fifth-most populated city after Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Lausanne

Bern, 95 kilometres from the well-known Swiss city of Zurich, might not be on a visitor’s radar immediately. However, since the 19th century, the city has served as the nation’s capital. Unlike well-known cities like Geneva and Zurich, Bern has maintained its characteristics and age-old Swiss traditions in a small, condensed area.

Clock Tower
One of Bern’s most significant landmarks today is the oldest clock tower, completed in 1503. As the primary clock for the city, it presided over Bern and had an authoritative purpose.

Location: Bim Zytglogge 3, 3011 Bern

House of Parliament
The House of Parliament is a must-visit in Bern because it is the country’s political hub. The stunning building is the internal and external seat of the Swiss government and tells volumes about Swiss history.

Location: Bundesplatz 3, 3003 Bern

Bear Park
The well-known Bear Park is Bern’s leading family destination. The bear is reputed to be Bern’s heraldic animal. The bears in the park can be seen in their natural environment. It even offers pools and caverns for their swimming and hibernation.

Location: Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern

Cathedral of Bern
One of Bern’s tallest buildings, the Cathedral of Bern, is also Switzerland’s most significant cathedral since the Middle Ages. One of the most important aspects of the church is the display of the Last Judgment. One may get breathtaking views of the city and the Alps from the tower.

Location: Münsterpl. 1, 3000 Bern

What To Eat?
Bern offers possibilities for every palette, whether you want to try traditional Swiss food, various European cuisines, or even Asian or American cuisine. Tourists seeking to eat well while taking in the views of the city frequent the Schwellenmatelli (Riviera Restaurant), located on the banks of the river Aare and has an oasis-like atmosphere.

Location: Dalmaziquai 11, CH-3005, Bern
Contact: +41 31 350 50 01

Adventure Activities
Bern’s top attraction is swimming in the Aare River. One of the most incredible ways to observe the city is by floating down the river, especially right before sunset. For those who enjoy adventure, river rafting is also available. Paragliding is another popular attraction for thrill seekers. 

Best Time To Visit
Bern’s busiest time of year is the summer (June to August). All hiking routes, lodging options, museums, galleries, and outdoor activities are open and fully functional. 

Other Information

In Bern, the price of an overnight stay ranges from INR 3,600 in a hostel to INR 9,700 in a three-star hotel.

The beginning fare for a taxi is around INR 606. You will need to spend roughly INR 361 for a 1-kilometre journey.

An average fast food meal in Bern costs INR 1,300 (Mcdonald’s, Burger King, etc.).

Source: Out Look India