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The head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry sent Orban in the direction of the Russian warship: Hungary responded

Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Kacer has criticized the odious Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He called him a “Carpathian collaborator” of Russia, and then sent him and other “collaborators” to three well-known letters.

The minister said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a “live horror”.

He emphasized that military assistance to Ukraine is morally correct, since the Russians have invaded the country and are killing Ukrainians.

The diplomat stressed that the EU is helping Kyiv – only Hungary is keeping aloof. Kacer also criticized the Hungarian Prime Minister’s position that “this is not our war.”

“Over the weekend, their Carpathian prophet said that this was not our war. It was ‘just a military conflict between two Slavic states’. We should have left them alone, isolated them. That is, let the Russians quickly kill the Ukrainians. Let them not worry. How disgusting. How pathetic. No matter how Christian,” wrote the head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry.

He added that he agrees with “these Carpathian collaborators of Russian aggressors” in only one thing:

“Supplying weapons to Ukraine prolongs the conflict and delays peace. The largest supplier of weapons to Ukraine is Russia. At first, it supplied them with “little green men”. They were not Russians, and if they were, they were only on vacation in Ukraine. They openly attack and supply “weapons have been in Ukraine for a year now. As soon as the Russians stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, pack up and go home, at the same time, others will stop supporting Kyiv militarily and peace will come. Everything is very simple,” Kacher said.

The minister also criticized the position of former Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who, according to Kacher, wants “Putin’s peace, like Orban.”

“Orban is doing in Hungary what we would do in Slovakia if Robert Fico’s party were in the government,” Kacher said.

He called on all Russian supporters to move to Moscow “where they will rot in prison or the Gulag.”

The diplomat noted that Slovakia is part of the developed world, so he “does not want us to act like Orban.”

“For Putin’s collaborators, and especially for ours in the Carpathian Basin and highlands, for all those who want peace at the cost of destroying Ukraine, I have only one message: Fuck you!” the minister wrote.

In turn, the head of the Hungarian parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and co-founder of the Fidesz party in power, Zsolt Nemeth, spoke about the mental problems of the Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Kacer, writes the publication Új Szó .

“I know Mr. Kacher well, because he was the ambassador in Budapest and I met with him several times. I must say that I am very concerned about his mental health. And I would advise him to urgently visit a psychiatrist,” Palatka said.

He added that the Hungarian government had summoned the Slovak ambassador to Budapest for an explanation.

Recall that Hungary remains almost the only supporter of Russia in the EU, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban constantly declares that the sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Union should be lifted.

Earlier, the mayor of Budapest, Gergel Koracsony , said that the government of Viktor Orban puts the country on the side of the losers and harms the Hungarian economy.

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