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Romania: a promising and developing country for relocation

Romania is a country with a fairly high level of economic growth and with great prospects for the future. The state economy ranked 11th in terms of GDP among European countries. This is an industrial-agrarian state. The level of qualified specialists is growing every year in the country. At the same time, the purchasing power of the population still occupies 14th place.

Interesting information about Romania
Considerable attention is paid to agriculture in the country, since the climate and fertile land contribute well to this. Every year there are more and more people wishing to immigrate to Romania. People see great prospects for the future on Romanian soil. If you are also interested, Emigration Lawyer assists in obtaining Romanian citizenship for Russians by repatriation. More information at https://emigration-lawyer.com/ .

The country’s farmers help keep economic performance high. There is a constant cultivation:

  • wheat,
  • barley,
  • corn.

For these needs, the state has allocated most of the land to farmers. Horticultural activities are developing, and other crops are being actively planted. The wine industry and vegetable growing are expanding. As for cattle, this is also valued here. It is due to these areas that the country receives a fairly high percentage of demand for all manufactured products. This helps to keep the economy high.

One of the main achievements of Romania has always been mining. We are talking about deposits:

  • oil,
  • gas,
  • manganese
  • coal,
  • silver, etc.

What makes the country live

Foreign investors play an important role in the successful development of the country. In Romania, there are many auto concerns and various factories, the shares of which are mainly owned by foreign citizens. This is a great help to keep the country’s economy afloat both today and in the future. The prospects are clear. Especially when Romania became part of the European Union. This has had a positive impact on tourism in the country. Stunning nature, climate, mountains – all this is so loved by tourists from different countries. What can we say about the natural mineral springs of Romania. Many people come here for them. This has a positive effect on the economy of the state.

The direction of services also brings its undeniable contribution to the development of the country and to the GDP. In Romania, the largest highways of roads in Europe are concentrated. Other types of transportation are also well developed. The largest city and highway is located in Bucharest. Seaports are well developed, which bring about 65% of the profit to the country’s treasury.

If the standard of living of Romanians is compared with other residents of the EU, then the figures are slightly lower. At the same time, the process of development and growth does not stand still. This has a positive effect on the internal situation in the country as a whole. The unemployment rate is not that high. However, the population is currently on the decline.

The economic indicators of Romania continue to grow every year (by 6% on average). According to the Central Bank, inflation in the country will increase, but this will not prevent further growth of economic indicators. The state is constantly evolving.

source: atorus