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Football Manager: Spanish Fan Visits Alfreton Town for Stag Party

A Football Manager fan from Spain travelled to a non-league football club for his stag party after playing as the team on the computer game.

Cristóbal Novo Gonzalvo, 34, is a regular to Derbyshire having used Alfreton Town FC on the popular football game.

Such is Mr Gonzalvo’s affinity to the town, his friends brought him over for his stag party.

The club even made him mascot for the team’s 2-2 draw with Darlington.

The Spaniard, who lives in Barcelona, said he got involved with the Alfreton Town fanbase online after playing with the team on Football Manager.

He first visited the town 12 years ago to find out more about the club, who play in the National League North, and brought his friends over before the pandemic.

“The last time, three years ago, just before Covid, I went with some Spanish friends and they came again with me last week,” he said.

“They were impressed with the kindness of the people. They know that I like Alfreton and we have friends there and they decided to go for my stag there.”

Mr Gonzalvo said the moment he found out he would be mascot was “crazy”.

“It was incredible,” he said.

“My future wife knows about me and my crazy problem with football and also Alfreton. My mother thinks that I’m crazy.”

Source : BBC