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Slovenia’s Melamin completes remediation of Kocevje site

Slovenian chemicals company Melamin completed the remediation of the site of its factory in Kocevje, following an explosion last year, the Kocevje municipality said.

The Kocevje municipality has dissolved the commission monitoring the remediation as the process has practically been completed, the municipality said in a statement on Friday.

The company is still searching for a new production site, local media quoted Kocevje mayor Antun Gasparac as saying.

Last year, local media quoted Melamin general manager Srecko Stefanic as saying that the company plans to invest 250 million euro ($269 million) in the relocation of its production activities. The most dangerous production activities will be moved within two to three years after all approvals are granted and all activities will be relocated in ten years, he said.

Five people died and several were injured after an explosion at a Melamin factory on May 12, 2022. The accident was caused by a human error during the pumping of epichlorohydrin, a raw material for the production of resin.

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