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Reviving Rail in Europe for Efficient Logistics

The European Union has been showing a renewed interest in rail, with a bold ambition to double rail’s modal share in the continent by 2023. This revival comes from the understanding that there is a need to diversify the risks involved in multimodal transport and investing in rail is a viable option.

Why rail?

The benefits of rail go beyond just monetary. It is a fast, reliable alternative to ocean, road and air that can be used for both intercontinental journeys and cargo movement within the region. Rail provides better space availability, predictability and can be integrated into door-to-door transport for freight running between Asia and Europe.

The sustainability agenda

The transport sector is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. To meet climate goals set by businesses in Europe, significant steps need to be taken to reverse this trend. Rail is a sustainable alternative that can reduce supply chain carbon emissions. That’s why, several tracks in Europe are already 100% electrified.

Digital, all the way

Rail has not been left behind by the digital revolution. Automatic couplers, electric locomotives, AI analytics and automation is helping with timetable planning. Drones are being used to inspect railway tracks, eliminating the need for workers to walk on them or for trains to stop running. In this way, technology will continue to support Europe’s commitment towards developing rail transportation.

The rail revival: Investment and opportunity are coming to European rail

In our e-book, we answer the following questions: Why rail? How does it compare to alternatives? How is it helping businesses today? What does the future of rail look like in Europe?

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