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Hungarian Farmers Will Get Compensation

Farmers can apply for compensation for the impact of grain imports from Ukraine on the agriculture sector in the autumn, the agriculture ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The conditions for applying for compensation from the 15.9 million euros approved for Hungary by Brussels will take into consideration its targeted use, the ministry cited Agriculture Minister István Nagy as saying.

The compensation will be made available to farmers who had farms of a maximum of 500 hectares in 2022 according to their uniform area-based subsidy application and received support for a maximum of 100 hectares of area used for growing corn, Nagy said, noting that corn was the most common produce among the Ukrainian grain imports.

Farmers are set to receive their compensations by 31 December. Nagy said the solidarity lanes established by the European Union to help ship grain from Ukraine to their traditional destinations had failed to function as intended, with the grain instead getting stuck in neighbouring countries, causing difficulties for local farmers. The European Commission therefore approved 100 million euros in support for the farmers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, he noted.

Source : Daily News Hungary