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Drugstore in Hungary Recalls Product for Children Due to Cancer Risk

A foreign drugstore announced that it had recalled a candy designed for children because it might cause cancer.Please use the sharing tools at the bottom of the articles.

According to index.hu, DM is to recall a puffed rice disc because it contains too much Aflatoxin. Aflatoxins are various poisonous carcinogens and mutagens produced by certain moulds, particularly Aspergillus species. Therefore, DM recalled its dmBio puffed rice disc with a raspberry flavour. The product’s expiration date is 4 June 2024, while its production number is NL 157.

DM recommends the product for children above eight months, and the company sells it in a 35g pack. Here is a photo of the product:

DM highlighted that the decision concerns only products with the aforementioned production code. They asked people not to consume them but return them to any of their stores, and they will get the price of it back even without a receipt. They said they regard quality and safety as extremely important.

Food price cap scrapped

If lab test results show that a product does not meet DM’s high-quality requirements, the store recalls it and informs its customers immediately. The drug chain added they were very sorry and apologised for the inconvenience.

In June, Hungary’s National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) recalled a Hungarian sausage. They said it might cause brain fever (meningitis). In May, a Hungarian vegetable (WOK) mix was found poisonous by the authority because it contained solanine, a type of Glycoalkaloid.

Otherwise, Hungarian food and Hungary’s food products are high quality and tasteful. For example, you may read about the Cake of Hungary in THIS article. As we wrote, the Hungarian government scrapped food price caps and prescribed mandatory promotions for the big food chains. The measure caused quantity restrictions.

Source : Daily News Hungary