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Romania Residency by Investment: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know Romania offers an enticing pathway for investors to call it home? 

The Romanian Residency by Investment program has steadily grown in prominence, presenting a golden ticket for global entrepreneurs and investors alike. 

This article dives deep into the essential features of the program and its unique benefits. Read on to discover the allure of Romania through its residency program.

Romania Residency by Investment Program 

The Romanian Residency by Investment Program is Romania’s invitation to the global investing community, a pathway that intertwines economic contribution with the promise of European residency. 

Investors are offered flexibility in their contributions, being offered a ranging set of investments to business ventures. In return, Romania doesn’t just provide a residency permit. The country’s expected to become part of the Schengen Zone, offering the possibility of a future where travel across Europe is a breezy affair. Add to this the enhanced quality of life that residents can enjoy—and you have an opportunity not just transactional but also transformative. 

Why Invest in Romania?

Romania, often slightly overshadowed by its European counterparts, has been steadily emerging as an investment haven. This Eastern European nation is more than just its captivating Carpathian Mountains or the tales of Dracula—it’s a story of rapid economic growth and untapped potential. With a youthful and multilingual workforce, Romania offers a competitive edge in sectors like technology and manufacturing. 

Its strategic location, bridging the gap between East and West, makes it a logistical dream for businesses aiming for a broader European reach.  

With generous investment incentives and a steadily improving infrastructure, Romania provides not just the ground for financial growth but also the promise of sustainability. 

Advantages of the Romanian Residency by Investment

  • Gateway to Europe: Although Romania’s not part of the Schengen Zone as of yet, it seems to be on the verge of unlocking travel across numerous European countries.
  • Economic Momentum: Ride Romania’s accelerating economic growth, spotlighted by its diverse and booming sectors.
  • Diverse Investment Avenues: Romania offers varied channels of investment, each tailored for investor comfort.
  • Emerging Tech Hub: With a digital revolution underway, investors can tap into Romania’s burgeoning tech industry.
  • Competitive Edge: Benefit from Romania’s young, skilled, and multilingual workforce, ready to propel businesses forward.
  • Cultural Richness: Beyond business, experience a melting pot of traditions, history, and arts – a life steeped in European elegance.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned at the crossroads of East and West, Romania provides logistical advantages for businesses targeting a pan-European audience.
  • Transparent Procedures: The program promises a clear and streamlined application process, ensuring peace of mind for global investors.
  • Quality Living Standards: Enjoy top-tier healthcare, education, and infrastructure, elevating the living experience for residents.

Paths to Romanian Residency 

To call Romania home for an extended period beyond the typical 90-day short-stay visa, there are two primary avenues to obtain residency.

If you achieve residency, either temporary or permanent, always have your permit on hand while in Romania. It’s essential for verification by local authorities.

For a seamless application, you’ll be asked to demonstrate:

  • A consistent income stream capable of supporting your stay.
  • Enrollment in the national health insurance scheme.
  • A health certificate from an accredited institution, ensuring you don’t pose a health risk to the public.

These components form the core of the long-stay visa application process.

  1. Residency for Company Directors

As a company director, you’re eligible to pursue a temporary residence permit.

  • Duration: This permit lasts a year, with an upfront investment of €50,000.
  • Renewability: It’s renewable, provided the initial capital stays within the business.
  • Regulatory Body: The General Inspectorate for Immigration oversees these permits, with a preference for real estate and tech ventures.

Residency for Company Directors: Requirements

The Immigration Office’s stipulations for company directors include:

  • A guaranteed minimum monthly income of €500.
  • An upfront €50,000 investment in real estate or technological assets of the company.
  1. Residency for Company Shareholders 

As a shareholder, Romania offers you a temporary residence permit tailored for business engagements.

  • Duration & Investment: It’s valid for one year. The investment specifics are €50,000 for a limited liability company or €70,000 for a joint stock entity.
  • Renewability: The Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments must be convinced of your sustained investment in the Romanian entity for renewal eligibility.

Residency for Company Shareholders: Requirements 

To secure residency as a company shareholder, ensure:

  • An investment of €50,000 (limited liability) or €70,000 (joint-stock), verified during each renewal. No annual top-up needed.
  • Job Creation: 10 full-time roles for limited liability entities, or a minimum of 15 for joint-stock ventures.
  • Proof of Sustenance: Show you have means amounting to €500/month (limited liability) or €700/month (joint-stock) from varied income sources such as overseas bank records, pension slips, or dividend proofs.
  • Exemptions: Citizens of the USA, Canada, Japan, or Switzerland are relieved from investment, job generation, and sustenance proofs. Yet, they must still become Romanian company shareholders, prove accommodation availability, and undergo medical evaluations.

Leveraging Hefty Investments in Romania 

Investors making significant commitments in Romania enjoy:

  • Extended Stay: A €500,000 investment or 50 full-time roles earns a three-year residency extension. After its lapse, another three-year permit can be achieved.
  • Pathway to Permanence: €1,000,000 in investment or the creation of at least 100 full-time roles paves the way for permanent residence.

Upon obtaining a permanent residence, non-Romanians receive a unique identification code, the CNP. While it remains static, it undergoes an update once Romanian citizenship is achieved.

To further solidify permanent residence status, a reasonable proficiency in the Romanian language is pivotal.

Romanian Residency by Investment: Required Documents

To secure a residence permit in Romania, applicants are required to provide a comprehensive set of documents. Ensure you are equipped with the following to navigate the application process smoothly:

  • A valid passport (or other travel document)
  • Verification of your stake or outright ownership in a company
  • Authentic documentation verifying your residential status – be it through property ownership or a validated rental contract
  • Documentation confirming adequate financial sustenance to support yourself during your stay
  • Proof of health insurance 
  • Health attestation from a recognized medical establishment, ensuring your health status poses no public hazard
  • Receipt or proof showcasing the payment for the residency permit fee

Romanian Citizenship by Investment

While Romania doesn’t offer a direct citizenship-by-investment program, it does provide a clear path towards Romanian citizenship for discerning investors. By engaging in the residency by investment initiative, one can obtain a temporary residence permit. Following a temporary residency period of five years, investors can transition to permanent residency for another three years. Upon completing this combined eight-year journey, individuals are primed to pursue and attain Romanian citizenship and obtain a Romanian passport. This structured approach allows investors to gradually integrate, contributing to Romania’s economy while also setting the stage for a long-term commitment to the nation.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Romania presents a compelling proposition for global entrepreneurs and investors. With multiple pathways, from company directorship to shareholder positions, there’s a range of opportunities to secure residency. 

Romania’s guidelines ensure that applicants present a cohesive set of documents, emphasizing transparent business engagements and an unwavering commitment to public health. The nation also provides potential perks for substantial investments, such as extended residency durations or even permanent residency. 

With a balance of stringent requirements and appealing benefits, Romania encourages genuine, beneficial economic partnerships. Whether you’re keen on investing, conducting business, or simply exploring a new horizon, understanding and fulfilling the Romanian residency criteria is your ticket to a promising venture in this European hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Romanian Residency by Investment program?

It’s a pathway for foreign nationals to obtain a residence permit in Romania by making a significant contribution or investment in the country’s economy. This program can ultimately lead the investor towards Romanian citizenship.

How can a foreign national apply for a Romania investment visa?

Foreign nationals can apply based on their role in a company, either as shareholders or associates engaging in significant economic or commercial activities. These roles should align with the activities they will undertake in Romania for the year.

What’s the minimum investment required for the program?

The program necessitates different minimum investments depending on your role. As a company director, €50,000 is the minimum investment, primarily in real estate or technologies. Shareholders in a limited liability company must invest €50,000, whereas for a joint-stock company, it’s €70,000.

Can family members benefit from the Romanian Residency by Investment program?

Yes, family members of the primary investor can also be included, and they too can journey towards becoming a Romanian citizen after fulfilling the required residency conditions.

After the residence permit is obtained, what are the next steps towards becoming a Romanian citizen?

After obtaining the residence permit, one has to stay as a temporary resident for five years, followed by three years as a permanent resident. Subsequently, they can apply for Romanian citizenship.

Is there a requirement to learn the Romanian language for the residence permit?

For a permanent residence permit, demonstrating a sufficient knowledge of the Romanian language is essential. It further strengthens the application when progressing towards becoming a Romanian citizen.

Are there any corporate tax exemptions associated with the Romanian Residency by Investment program?

The program primarily focuses on residency and citizenship pathways. However, specific business-related benefits, including corporate tax exemption, depend on individual business cases and the region of investment.

How do the requirements differ for US, Canadian, Japanese, or Swiss citizens?

These specific foreign nationals have some exemptions from the standard requirements for investment, job creation, and means of subsistence. However, they still need to become shareholders or associates in a Romanian company, ensure their accommodation, and undergo medical checks to have the residence permit obtained.

Is the residence permit a one-time application?

No, the initial residence permit lasts for one year, but it can be renewed annually, ensuring the continuation of the minimum investment and other requirements within the company.

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