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EU Presidents Hope for Union’s Quick Enlargement: Duda

“We [EU presidents] hope that it [the EU] will soon be able to expand again with more countries, some of which have long aspired to it. I’m thinking of the Western Balkan countries, but especially Ukraine and Moldova,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said after the Arraiolos group meeting.

The Polish president had taken part in an informal meeting of EU country presidents and some government representatives to discuss among other things, the future and enlargement of the EU and its future, the war in Ukraine and migration.

After the meeting, Duda pointed out that European enlargement is also related to building European security, future and prosperity.

The development perspective for Europe, thanks to Ukraine’s membership in the EU in the future, will be very bright indeed,” he stressed.

The president said that the next meeting of the presidents of the Arraiolos Group countries will be held on October 10-11, 2024 in Kraków, southern Poland.

Arraiolos Group is a meeting of Presidents of EU member states in which the presidents traditionally do not have executive powers. The first meeting took place in 2003 in the town of Arraiolos, Portugal.

Source : TVP World