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Launch of WHO/Europe Diet Impact Assessment modelling tool

The way we produce and consume food – our food systems – are closely connected with our environment and health. The new WHO/Europe tool for Diet Impact Assessment (DIA), produced for policy-makers and health professionals, will help assess diets in countries of the WHO European Region and explore answers to questions such as:

  • How can countries make their population’s diets more healthy, sustainable and affordable?
  • How do today’s popular diets align with global health and environmental targets? 
  • What potential policy changes can help tackle the main environmental, health and economic challenges that arise from countries’ food systems? 

DIA tool: what’s inside?

At the launch event, the tool and an accompanying manual will be made publicly available. The materials will enable countries to analyse user-specific scenarios of dietary change to estimate the health, environmental and cost burden of each scenario in terms of diet costs, avoidable deaths, changes in resource use and compatibility with global environmental targets, including those that apply to food-related greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use and fertilizer application. 

How to register

To register, please use the link provided. The launch event will consist of: 

  • a practical demonstration of the DIA model
  • a stakeholder discussion with a panel discussion and Q&A. 

Source : who.int