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Garrett’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Bolsters HYVIA’s Green Mobility Ambitions in Europe

Garrett’s industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell technology is set to play an instrumental role in realizing Europe’s hydrogen-powered transportation vision.

Its innovative Electric Compressor for hydrogen fuel cells stands ready to enhance the efforts of HYVIA, a promising hydrogen transport solutions ecosystem.

Recently, HYVIA confirmed its strategy for green hydrogen mobility in Europe. The initiative, backed by Renault Group and Plug Power among other key stakeholders, aims at providing a comprehensive green solution – from hydrogen production to hydrogen-fueled vehicles.


Garrett, with its robust hydrogen fuel cell technology, aligns seamlessly with this objective. The company’s fuel cell compressor, designed for high-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), can enable a significant boost in the power density of fuel cell systems by over 50%. This technology, backed by Garrett’s vast experience, ensures FCEVs that are not just functional but excel in performance, thereby offering enhanced range, reliability, and a superior driving experience.

“At Garrett, we believe in innovation that fosters real-world change,” said Lutz Glaeser, Garrett’s head of fuel cell compressor development. “Our fuel cell electric compressor is more than just technology; it’s a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future. Collaborating with partners like HYVIA underscores our dedication to advancing hydrogen-powered mobility in Europe.”

As HYVIA’s mission is to establish hydrogen as a major player in Europe’s sustainable energy narrative, Garrett’s market-leading technology is an essential enabler within this transformative journey.

“In an industry that’s rapidly evolving, it’s partnerships like these – blending vision with technological prowess – that will set the pace for a cleaner, more efficient transportation future in Europe,” said Glaeser.

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