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US Sanctions Add to Afghans’ Pain, Poverty During Cold Winter

“The United States has frozen Afghanistan money. Yes, it is such sanctions that have caused price hikes and poverty,” said a local Afghan resident, who complained of U.S. sanctions against Afghanistan. Living in a cave-turned shelter next to the Buddha site in central...

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iran Aims to Gain Stronger Foothold in Central Asia

Iran has increased its interactions with Central Asia, particularly regarding connectivity and trade routes. Increasing engagement in the region is a long-term foreign policy priority of President Ebrahim Raisi. Almost a year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Central Asian region...

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Champions League May Save Liverpool’s Season

London, Madrid (19/2 – 50) It seems that the 2022-2023 season is not going according to Liverpool’s plan. Liverpool is struggling with losses and the Champions League may be able to save their season. As the team that fought for the title in the Premier League in the last four...

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